Get The Tools & Training

Get The Tools

ClaimExpress OnlineRRCA can equip you with an assortment of tools to help you stay ahead of the competition and grow your business.  The foremost of which is ClaimExpress.  By using ClaimExpress, you can increase your efficiency, productivity, and sales, while decreasing overhead and giving you peace of mind.  Salespeople can get to the kitchen table faster because they can create estimates and print out contracts on location using ClaimExpress on their laptop or mobile device.  Managers can keep track of leads, projects, collections, and his sales staff by receiving alerts for appointments, aging collections, project changes or delays, and client tracking using his ClaimExpress login.  There is no concern of data integrity, lost photos, or documents as everything is cloud-based!

ClaimExpress iPhone AppHowever, it is more than just simply using new software.  RRCA will help give you the tools for continued success from your profile at ClaimExpress, profile at, online training, blogs, forums, marketing, and social networking.  We are not pushing a simple software solution, but certain business principles and daily practices that will help mold your company into one cohesive unit.  The system is proven to work, so we know if you can do these things then your business will grow and be successful.


Get The Training

You cannot grasp the potential of any tool without proper training.   Receiving good training and certifications will not only benefit you, but your clients will certainly appreciate and respect that you did. Whether you are brand new to the roofing industry or you have many years of experience, we have something for you.   Some of  our areas of emphasis are: Storm Sales Training; Canvassing; Strategy; Closing; Storm Business Management.

Check out The University for more information on the beginner courses and continuing education we offer.


Training For Independent Sales Contractors

Tools a Contractor Needs!

Every year insurance companies pay to replace 500,000 to 1,000,000 roofs due to storm damages.  A sales contractor generates leads by offering free inspections and helps expedite the insurance claims process for the homeowner.  They will then contract with the homeowner, supervise the job, and collect payment from the homeowner.  First year candidates earn an average of $70,000 based on a complete year of work.  Some companies even have a system that allows a sales contractor to earn immediate income while your book of business develops. This is the most lucrative sales opportunity in America, as the top project managers earn $250,000 or more. RRCAU offers unmatched training and support, and we have invested time and money in being a technological leader in our industry. Our business management system and our program pushes you to exceed 1,000,000 in sales and be an efficient contractor along the way.

RRCA University offers a Certified Roofing Professional 20 hour Training Program for storm roofing salesman, managers, and company owners. Click here to find out more about what our extensive storm restoration training program will cover.  After training, RRCA will help assist you in Job Placement with one of our member contractors.


Training For Licensed Contractors

We leverage hundreds of years of combined experience and a twenty year track record in the industry to provide local and national contractors the marketing, technology tools, training and warranty programs necessary for success in the disaster marketplace.  We help you set up your contracting operation for streamlined productivity. We connect you with sales reps and/or market contractors. Our cutting edge business management system automates all of your processes and enables you company to respond in force when disaster affects a community.  We help automate the business processes that make you more efficient.

RRCA University offers continuing education and certification that will help you stay ahead in an ever-changing world.  We can help you be ready for any new challenges and obstacles your business may face.