Our Message

5 Year WarrantyOur message, our system and our legalities are all designed to build trust. Trust in the salesperson, trust in the contractor we represent, trust in the RRCA, trust in the claim and claim reconstruction process and trust in the Lifetime Roof Assurance Program we administer through ClaimExpress.com.


Letter from the founder of RRCA


We want to gain the trust of insurance companies so that they will refer their property owners to “Find a Pro” at ClaimExpress.com and use the system. In addition, we want them to expedite the processing and payment of our projects and refrain from sending out their own preferred contractors and ruining our deal with their customer.
The market is getting crowded.  Insurance companies and unprofitable contractors are forcing margins lower and lower.  Technology is creating a new breed of contractor creating huge gaps between the winners and the losers.Winning in the storm business is not just about software.Join the RRCA today and get the message, tools, training and support you need to succeed.We are going to help you succeed.

I guarantee it!

Donald Haight