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Our primary goal is to build trust from the ground up. There should be trust in the salesperson, trust in the contractors, trust in the RRCA, and trust in the claim and claim reconstruction process through ClaimExpress including our Lifetime Roof Assurance Program.

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ClaimExpress can help you!An important part of performance is being prepared. By being proactive in training and working with RRCA and ClaimExpress, you are guaranteed to see results. We offer training and special courses to help you stay ahead of the competition and be ready for when storms strike. No matter the level of experience, RRCA has a lot to offer for you.

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ClaimExpress will help you growWe understand that it is hard to keep up in the ever-evolving world of technology. Even keeping track of your accounts, logins, and passwords can be a difficult task. RRCA offers you a host of support services all delivered through the ClaimExpress system. All you need is ONE login.

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The system has been proven to help increase sales, profits, and productivity, which are important factors in maximizing your company’s potential. For salesman, it helps them increase their sales productivity and efficiency, while allowing them to better track their clients and projects. For Contractors, it will help simplify their lives and free up some time for those much needed vacations.